Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Power of Prayer & The Enemies Methods to Distract

Prayer is a powerful tool. It really moves things. Somehow connecting with God and bringing things to Him moves things spiritually. God often times gives us words of knowledge or discernment about people....things they have not shared with us, but God shows us and trusts to with. Why? Only so we can pray....1 Pe. 4:7 says, "Be clear minded & self controlled so that you can pray." This opened my eyes to why the enemy trys to keep us distracted and self focused. Because if we are, we can't pray. The enemy wants us to see prayer as insignificant. He wants us to think nothing is being accomplished through prayer, so we won't do it. This should be proof of how powerful it is. Just think of the times in the Bible when people prayed...things moved....
Joshua- the sun stood still.
David- defeated numerous nations after seeking the Lord
Elijah- defeated the profits of Baal
Jesus- conquered death & gained the power to allow Himself to die for us
So, to sum up, don't believe the lie that prayer doesn't work, and when you feel distracted and self consumed, recognize it as an attack to get you to not be about the Lord's Work.