Sunday, November 1, 2009

Creativity is not Coloring Inside the Lines

When I was little, I believed a picture was not perfect unless someone colored inside the lines. Also, I would not allow myself to move on to a new picture until I had completely colored the one I was on. My sister, on the other hand, would color spots here and spots there. I used to get so frustrated with her "free coloring"...and me, being the oldest, I would try to teach her the "right way to color" and discourage coloring outside the lines and on multiple pictures.....Well, I was a creativity snuffer...and it is my pleasure to tell you that she turned out to be the marvelous painter. She paints amazing oils and water colors. Her apartment is full of originals that she has done..yet the potential was found in her creativity. point....when you start to be creative and people don't understand...when you have an idea that no one gets...keep believing that maybe there is something to it. You could be far surpassing the naysayers around you.

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