Tuesday, October 20, 2009

What Does How You Spend Your Time Say About You?

Successful people know where their time is going. How much time do you watch TV, exercise, study, spend time with people you love. Do the hours line up with your priorities? To start being successful, make your priority list and order your time to line up with what you believe matters. If you are spending 5 hours a day watching tv (national average of how much people watch) and only 30 minutes with your spouse, you might want to realign....not to mention, what are you watching? Is it edifying, instilling hope, causing you to dream and believe for a greater place than where you are......I know every moment can't be purposed....but wait, why couldn't it be? How purposed do you want to live....you can decide for yourself. Where you spend your time is like how you keep your checkbook. It says everything about your priorities.

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