Sunday, October 18, 2009

Profiles In Greatness

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In Winston Churchill's profile, it shows a quote of his.
  1. Everything I was sure or taught to be sure was impossible, has happened.”
  2. “We must look to the future. We cannot afford to drag forward across the years that are to come the hatreds and revenges which have sprung from the injuries of the past.”
One other Interesting Fact about Churchill .....
Even after the Germans began bombing London during World War II, Churchill ran Britain’s campaign from the city. He lived and worked in an underground bunker, as did many Londoners. Despite pleas from aides and Parliament, Churchill’s refusal to evacuate helped foster a spirit of determination and courage among British subjects.

Doesn't this just make your heart burn with passion inside of you! What zeal he had! It just takes a little time and persistence to get the wisdom to go with it.

Also- there are many more people listed. Stop by the site to choose someone that interests you....

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