Tuesday, October 20, 2009

If You're Poor, Take a Rich Person Out To Dinner.

I would like to modify this and say, find the people who are better than you in any given area and take them out to dinner to listen. Invest in your future. If you get a successful person to eat and talk for 2 hours they will more than likely end up sharing some powerful hints. Of course, as my mentor taught me, everyone has something to give. Never underestimate the power of any relationship. Look for the best in people and you will find it.

Jim Rohn inspired the previous selection, but here are some direct quotes from him.
1. Taking care of yourself is one of the answers to doing well.
2. Get around successful people and listen.
3. Find out what poor people read and don't read it.
4. We have 16 waking hours. Practice listening those 16 hours.
5. From surprising sources comes great ideas.
6. Poor people ought to take rich people out to dinner and listen...

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  1. Oh soooo true! Shared dinner with a lovely, finacially secure couple. They have become dear friends whom I admire!!